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Regardless of what goes on outside us in this age of widespread turmoil, we are still at our roots happy and peaceful. We can come to realise that we possess an unlimited source of real, lasting and infinite happiness. This wellspring of contentment flows from within each of us. But it has been hidden from our view and must be rediscovered. All we have to do is tap our boundless resource. And tapping this resource is hidden in pages of nectarine writings of Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda. They can open up a whole new dimension of peace and serenity in your life. Not available any where else these books on all aspects of Yoga by Swamiji are your key to a life time of health, success and profound peace of mind.

Unlock your latent potential. Discover the harmony of Wisdom, Devotion, Meditation and Action and see what hidden realities lie ahead in the profound depths of Intergral Yoga. All these and more are presented through our publications.

Now it is your move. Order today and receive the highest and authentic wisdom of saints and sages in a very lucid, simple and inspiring style. The path awaits, so act now and be ready -- for the enlightenment of your life.


"---- in spite of the adverse conditions in which you may be placed; you have deep within you an unbounded soure of feedom and if you are able to tap that source, you can change your condition, shape your future to your liking and determine the course of events in your life to a very great extent"

Swamiji Jyotirmayananda

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