Become A Sponsor

Become a Sponsor of our Festivities & Events

We solicit your support by becoming a Sponsor for an Event, a Festivity in the Ashram, or just helping with our ‘Wish List.’ If you are celebrating a happy occasion, or would like to share in the memory of a beloved one, this is a wonderful opportunity!

Festivities Rs. 5000
Flowers & Prasad per Week in Satasang Rs. 500
Sri Swamiji's Birthday Celebration in February Several Options
Sadhana Shivir (one day) Rs. 1500
Lecture DVD (One hour) Master copy Rs. 500
Yoganjali magazine publication (one month) Rs. 1500
Printing of one book in Hindi or English (500 copies) Rs. 30000
Inspiring Brochure or Jnana Yagya material Printing (1000 copies) Rs. 5000
Medicine, Pathology tests or X-ray for poor Several options or as one wishes


February 5 Sunday 86th Birthday of Swamiji
April 5 Wednesday Ram Navami
April 13 to 16 Thursday to Sunday Sadhna Shiver
May 10 Wednesday Buddha Purnima
July 9 Sunday Guru Purnima
August 12 to 15 Saturday to Tuesday Sadhna Shiver
August 15 Tuesday Krishan Janmashtami
August 25 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi
September 21 to 29 Thursday to Friday Mother Worship
September 30 Saturday Vijaya Dashami/Dushehra
October 19 Thursday Deepavali-Diwali
December 25 Monday Christmas
January 1 Sunday New Year’s Message 2018

All Sponsorships are Tax Deductible. Partial Sponsorships are welcome.